Airspeak offers a variety of customized tablet solutions including HW and SW, as well as custom tablet accessories

  • Customization for Education

    Education schooltablet

    One of the most recent applications emerging for tablets is in education, both in class as well as on line. Airspeak is partnering with three key international software developers in such areas as mathematics, on line education, as well as education services and mentoring. Tablets are being customized to make it easy to hold them in hand or lay them on the desk, they are also customized to accommodate specific software features required by a particular education subject, plus other standard features such as battery life, reliability and robustness.

  • Customization for Gaming

    Bingo Balls Gaming

    Since 2005 Airspeak has supplied customized tablets for gaming applications in cooperation with two key USA gaming software suppliers. Tablets were customized to suit the needs of gaming clientele who requires certain mechanical features (for easy hold and carrying around), electrical features (rack charging and long battery life), as well as software features (large icons and sensitive touch screen). Airspeak is in the process of customizing new generation of gaming tablets which are lighter, with longer battery life, very sleek and easy to carry around for gaming aficionados who want to play in casinos and Bingo halls without leaving their rooms.

  • Customization for Health Care

    Health Docs Health care

    One of the first areas in which Airspeak has customized their tablets was healthcare applications, starting with several VA hospitals and Urology of Indiana in USA. Tablets were customized in software applications in association with patient records software vendors, allowing doctors and nurses to access vital patient data on the move. Tablets were also customized mechanically and electrically to allow use on the move (with stable hand hold) as well in the office, where it was convenient to use wireless keyboard and communicate with the tablet for entering patient data quickly and with fewer errors.

  • Customization for Government Projects

    Atlas Tiny Flair

    One of the early Airspeak tablet application and customization efforts was related to certain large commercial USA rocket launching projects which used an automated launching sequence employing Airspeak tablets for remote count down and operator authentication. Airspeak tablets were customized to allow dual remote channel communication as well as certain mechanical features making them easy to hold and work with remotely. Special software was developed by Airspeak to accommodate all functional requirements in real time.

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Sector Customization

    Twigg Tablet Industrial Scene

    As far back as ten years ago Airspeak tablets were customized for industrial and manufacturing applications. An example of this involves operation on the manufacturing floor where high quality mechanical drawings are displayed on ruggedized tablets working in a harsh environments filled with dust and very small metal particles which fill the air and require tablets to be electrically and mechanically protected and function for extended periods at a time, or in wet and cold working conditions with exposure to shock and vibration. These customized industrial tablets have survived many hours of work and still function after 10+ years of operation in such harsh environments.